Biden raises whopping $365 million in August monthly cash haul!!

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and Democratic National Committee reported a record-breaking sum of $365 million in fundraising in August. The amount raised by Biden and his campaign surprised many political commentators, including seasoned party fundraisers. The August fundraising also put a full stop to all the speculations that President Donald Trump would outshine Biden with his campaign fundraising and spending. The spectacular cash haul for the former vice president is due to multiple reasons like selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate before the Democratic convention, surge in polls against President Trump, and Trump's inability to handle the pandemic and job losses.

The amount itself broke several records in the history of United States presidential elections, as it is more than double that of Trump's $164 million record set in July. It further breached the $193 million mark raised by former President Barack Obama in September 2008. Although Trump is yet to announce his August funds, it is expected that he can't break Biden's massive record. On the other hand, Biden's campaign is well-known for its transparency, and they make sure to release the numbers every month. For August, they have released the numbers just before Biden's press briefing regarding the school safety amid the coronavirus scare. Biden also took questions from reporters on what he would do with the hell lot of money.

"Look, I've to spend a lot of this money to tackle the lies spread by Trump and his campaign, as he referred to a new Republican super PAC. I think the average contribution for this month was around $40, and a total of 1.6 million people have contributed even in the middle of an economic crisis gleaned by a pandemic. Some other denominations are between $5, $10, $15. Keeping in mind the entire amount, I'd say that it indirectly shows some genuine enthusiasm and implies a fair chance of me becoming the next president of the United States," Biden said to the reporters. With the cash at hand, Biden's campaign is looking forward to increasing the TV media ads. From being a cash-strapped candidate at the beginning to raising an average of $11.7 million daily, Biden has ended all the speculations regarding his nomination. As per the campaign team, 95% of the funds were received from grass-roots supporters, and 57% were raised via online donations.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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