Joe Biden will listen to CDC suggestions on reopening schools-Jill Biden

Jill Biden, the wife of the former Vice President Joe Biden, said that her husband would listen to all the suggestions by the scientists, health care experts, and CDC on what could be the best to reopen the schools safely for the kids of our country. Jill pledged during the speech to the teachers union on Thursday in a video conference. Jill Biden’s commitment comes at a crucial time, as Trump and his administration are hell-bent on reopening the schools fully at any cost. A longtime educator herself, Jill expressed her concerns in reopening the schools in the middle of a pandemic.

“I’m heartbroken for teachers, support staff, and the students during the coronavirus crisis. It’s all about leadership. I just wish Americans had a chance to vote right away because my husband, Joe Biden has a perfect strategy in getting things down without any setbacks, including the reopening of schools,” Jill said during her video conference with the American Federation of Teachers leaders union along with Senator Elizabeth Warren. She further added - “The first and foremost thing to make this happen is to listen to the CDC, doctors, health experts, and our hard-working scientists. They are the best-skilled people to tell us when it’s safe to reopen the economy or the schools. Only then we have to go back, and we will be safe. The decision has to come from the top, & that’s why we have to change the leadership in this country. I just can’t say it more strongly.”

Elizabeth Warren, who fought for the White House race along with Joe Biden, was also present in the video conference. Throughout the video conference, Jill Biden has mentioned Warren multiple times, hinting that she might be the possible running mate for Joe Biden. Warren said, “Trump’s response in handling the coronavirus pandemic has been cruel, heartless and incompetent.” Concluding the video conference, Jill Biden pledged that her husband would also appoint an education secretary who has the experience of teaching in public school and cares about the kids as much as the union does.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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