Biden takes dig at Sanders and Bloomberg speaking in Denver event!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing resistance in the recently concluded polls of the presidential race. While there is a slight downfall for Biden, it benefitted the self-described Democratic socialist in on the rise. However, the Democratic Presidential race still looks like a crowded field with Biden in the top two and stiff competition from others. Biden never really referred directly about his position even after the Iowa and New Hampshire. However, he is working to regain the top spot with his four decades of experience.

Speaking to donors in Denver on Monday night, Biden took digs at Senator Bernie Sanders, who is now the emerging front-runner. He called him for not explaining clearly how he would pay for his Medicare for All plan. On the other hand, it is the best time to know that Joe Biden has offered modest health care proposals, which include a public insurance plan and costing just a fraction of that of Bernie Sander’s plan. He said - “In my view, voters are looking for authenticity. The last thing we need to be running against the president - this charlatan, this guy who is a serial liar - is to be in a position where we are not absolutely able to level up with the American people about the things that are going to cost and what it’s going to cover.”

Biden also suggested that Sanders’ plan had no chance of clearing Congress. “It’s not only enough to be able to beat Trump, but we have to get to a Democratic majority to keep the House to get things done.” Biden also targeted the self-funding billionaire Mike Bloomberg who has just seen the rise in the latest polls. “Mayor Bloomberg says the health care bill was a lousy bill and a disaster. But he has $60 billion to explain that,” said Biden in his speech at Denver. Over 175 people gathered in northwest Denver at the home of Ken Salazar, the former US senator, and Interior secretary. All of them believe that Biden is the best candidate to defeat President Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections.

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