Biden receives endorsements from over 130 elected officials and leaders!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is receiving unprecedented support from all corners of the country. Despite losing the first four primaries, Joe Biden made a stellar comeback in South Carolina, winning the primary with a considerable margin. Biden capitalized on South Carolina as it has a majority of black voters. Joe Biden is a famous face among the black voters as he worked as the Vice President for the first black President Barack Obama. Biden also continued his momentum in the Super Tuesday primaries winning as many as ten states. Just before the Super Tuesday primary, Biden earned the endorsements of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, who were also a part of the Democratic presidential race.

Here’s the complete list of the elected officials and leaders who announced their support to Joe Biden:

  1. Pete Buttigieg, former South Bend Mayor.
  2. Amy Klobuchar, US Senator, MN
  3. Beto O’Rourke, former Congressman, TX
  4. Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader
  5. Tammy Duckworth, US Senator, IL
  6. Marcia L. Fudge, Congresswoman, OH
  7. Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor
  8. Gil Cisneros, Congressman, CA
  9. Veronica Escobar, Congresswoman, TX
  10. Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver, CO
  11. Mark Udall, former Senator, CO
  12. Maggie Fox, former President and CEO of Climate Reality Project
  13. Ken Spaulding, former Chairman of the NC Legislative Black Caucus and  State Representative
  14. Mark Mallory, former Mayor of Cincinnati
  15. Robert Gallegos, Houston City Councilor
  16. John Whitmere, Texas State Senator
  17. Jessica Gonzalez, Texas State Representative
  18. Vicki Kennedy, Lawyer & Wife of Ted Kennedy
  19. Alyssa Milano, Actress and Activist
  20. Drew Edmondson, former OK Attorney General
  21. Scott Inman, former OK House Minority Leader
  22. Steve Kouplen, former OK House Minority Leader
  23. Jana Harkins, Oklahoma Activist
  24. Cathy Cummungs, Mayor of Village, OK
  25. Eric Proctor, former Assistant Dem Leader, OK
  26. James Lockhart, former State Representative, OK
  27. Ben Sherrer, former Dem Floor Leader, OK
  28. David Perryman, House Dem Floor Leader, OK
  29. Jason Lowe, State Representative, OK
  30. Brian Renegar, former Assistant Dem Floor Leader
  31. ED Cannaday, former OK State Representative
  32. Ben Loring, OK State Representative
  33. Larken Egleston, Charlotte City Councilman, NC
  34. Adam Ebbin, Virginia State Senator
  35. Jeremy McPike, Virginia State Senator
  36. John Edwards, Virginia State Senator
  37. Barbara Favola, Virginia State Senator
  38. Charniele Herring, VA House Majority Leader
  39. Richard Sullivan, VA House Dem Caucus chair
  40. Don Scott, Delegate, VA
  41. Alex Askew, Delegate, VA
  42. Mark Levine, Delegate, VA
  43. Martha Mugler, Delegate, VA
  44. Luke Torian, Delegate, VA
  45. Dan Helmer, Delegate, VA
  46. Phyllis Randall, Loudoun City Board of Supervisors
  47. Mike Turner, Loudoun City Board of Supervisors
  48. John Foust, Fairfax City Board of Supervisors
  49. Jim Holland, Chesterfield City Board of Supervisors
  50. Tannia Talento, Arlington City School Board
  51. Stephanie Lynch, Richmond City Council
  52. Pamela Yeung, Stafford City School Board
  53. Taikein Copper, Prince Edward City Dem Party Chair
  54. Praveen Meyyan, Secretary of the VA Advisory Board
  55. Marc Broklawski, VA DNC Member
  56. Steven Cochran, VA DNC Member
  57. Molly Ward, Former VA Secretary of Natural Resources
  58. Tiffany Boyle, Newsport News Commentator of the Revenue
  59. Sheila Olem, Vice Mayor of the Town of Herndon
  60. Bobby Mathieson, Former Delegate, VA Beach
  61. Cheryl Turpin, Former Delegate, VA Beach
  62. Anita James Price, Roanoke City Council
  63. Djuna Osbourne, Roanoke City Council
  64. Brenda Hamilton, Roanoke Clerk of Court
  65. Anne Gobi, MA State Senator
  66. Jerry McNerney, Congressman, CA
  67. Collin Peterson, Congressman, MN
  68. Mark Kelly, Navy Combat Veteran & Retired NASA Astronaut
  69. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, TX
  70. Henry Beck, Treasurer, ME
  71. Debra Messing, Actress
  72. Chad Griffin, former President of Human Rights Campaign
  73. Jim Obergefell, Lead Plaintiff of Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Case
  74. Andy Berke, Mayor of Chattanooga, TN
  75. Heath Shuler, former NC Congressman
  76. Will Bond, AR State Senator
  77. Andrew Collins, AR State Representative
  78. Tippi McCullough, AR State Representative
  79. Miguel Solis, Dallas ISD Trustee
  80. Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas County, TX
  81. Andria Mclellan, VA Councilwoman
  82. Glenn Nye, former VA Congressman
  83. Daniele Gregoire, MA State Representative
  84. Ruth Blaser, MA State Representative
  85. Michael O. Moore, MA State Representative
  86. Daniel Cahill, MA State Representative
  87. Colleen Garry, MA State Representative
  88. Daniel J. Hunt, MA State Representative
  89. Kay Khan, MA State Representative
  90. Alice Peisch, MA State Representative
  91. Edward F. Coppinger, MA State Representative
  92. Brian Arrigo, Mayor of Revere, MA
  93. Justin Hurst, City Council President, Springfield, MA
  94. Kateri B. Walsh, City Councilor, Springfield, MA
  95. Winthrop Farwell Jr, City Councilor, Brockton, MA
  96. Karen Canfield, Scituate Selectman, MA
  97. Mark D’Agostino, Brockton School Cmte Member, MA
  98. Bob Markel, former Springfield Mayor, MA
  99. Stephen Brewer, former MA State Senator
  100. Michael Perotto, former City Councilor, Worcester, MA
  101. William Eddy, former City Councilor, Worcester, MA
  102. Francis A Ford, former County Clerk of Courts, Worcester, MA
  103. Bill Samaras, former Mayor of Lowell, MA
  104. Pat Fabian, Armstrong Country, PA Commissioner
  105. Tony Amadio, Beaver County, PA Commissioner
  106. Kevin Boozel, Butler County, PA Commissioner
  107. Tom Chernisky, Cambria County, PA Commissioner
  108. BJ Smith, Cambria County, PA Commissioner
  109. Vince Vicites, Fayette County, PA Commissioner
  110. Blair Zimmerman, Greene County, PA Commissioner
  111. Sherene Hess, Indiana County, PA Commissioner
  112. Loretta Spielvogel, Lawrence County, PA Commissioner
  113. Larry Maggi, Washington County, PA Commissioner
  114. Gina Cerilli, Westmoreland County, PA Commissioner
  115. Roy Romer, former CO Governor
  116. Mark Ferrandino, former Colorado Speaker of the House
  117. Rhonda Fields, CO State Senator
  118. Angela Williams, CO State Senator
  119. Shannon Bird, CO State Representative
  120. Jeni James Ardnt, CO State Representative
  121. Millie Hamner former CO State Representative
  122. Christine Scanlan, former CO State Representative
  123. Blanca Uzteca O’Leary, former DNC Member, CO
  124. Cavanaugh O’Leary, Community Leader, CO
  125. Susan Rubio, CA State Senator
  126. Blanca Rubio, CA State Assemblywoman
  127. Bobby Scott, US Congressman, VA
  128. Jennifer Wexton, US Congressman, VA
  129. Don Beyer, US Congressman, VA
  130. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, US Congresswoman, FL
  131. Greg Stanton, US Congressman, AZ
  132. Terry McAuliffe, former VA Governor
  133. Barbara Boxer, former US Senator, CA
  134. Blanche Lincoln, former US Senator, AK
  135. Darrio Melton, Mayor of Selma, AL
  136. Jesse White, IL Secretary of State
  137. Betty Yee, CA State Controller
  138. Walter Burnett, Chicago Alderman, AL
  139. Carol Alvarado, TX State Senator & Dem Caucus Chair
  140. Billy Richardson, NC State Representative
  141. Sherita Moon Seawright, Episcopal Supervisor of the Women’s    Missionary Society of 9th Episcopal District of the AME Church, AL
  142. Fred Guttenberg, Gun Safety Activist, FL
  143. Abigail Spanberger, US Congresswoman, VA.

With so many endorsements, it is evident that the elected representatives of America are looking forward to electing Joe Biden as the next President. What about you?

If you would also like to join and support Joe Biden for President, please go to the below link and add your name.

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