Biden holds a 11 point lead over President Trump in the latest polls!!

Coronavirus pandemic in the United States destroyed the economy and lives like there is no tomorrow. The US has over 1.6 million coronavirus positive cases with close to a hundred thousand deaths making it the most by any country in the world. With the virus outbreak, the entire country was forced into a lockdown closing the economy for weeks together. This resulted in devastating results for the country. Over 33 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits impacting all of their families. President Trump and his administration's inability to control the spread of the virus in the initial stages is considered as the reason for the rise in the total number of cases.

The pandemic also affected President Trump and his administration. Over the past few weeks, Trump has made outrageous statements which led to the uproar from his opponents. Trump suggested some of the unproven scientific measures to control the virus, which was later busted by his own Health Department. His approval ratings also took a hit during the crisis. Every President who faced an emergency when in office saw a rise in ratings except for Donald Trump. In the latest poll released by the Quinnipiac University on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden comfortably holds an 11-point lead against his 2020 opponent President Donald Trump. The head-to-head match-up ended with Biden leading 50% to Trump's 39%. It's an increase from 49 - 41% lead for Biden in the previous national poll of April.

Among the two parties, Trump holds a lead of 86 - 8% Republican support. Biden betters Trump with a lead of 88 - 5% Democratic support. The independents also want Biden as their new President, as he holds a lead of 47 - - 36%. Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst, said - "11 point lead for Biden only means that voter confidence for Team Trump is shaky. Coronavirus could be the reason behind Trump's dip in the polls. And November is not too far." There is a separate segment on who the voters' think would have done a better job in handling the economic crisis due to the pandemic, Biden holds the support of 48% of the voters while Trump lags behind him with 47%. In April, Biden was way behind Trump in this section with 49 - 44%. Three-fourths of the Americans suggest that the country should be reopened slowly even if it affects the economy while 21% wants to open the country quickly.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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