Biden Launches Trump Rapid Response Fund To Battle The Ads Against Him!!

The US elections are intensifying with every passing day. While Joe Biden is winning people’s hearts and polls simultaneously, President Trump looks to be in serious trouble. It is most probable that Trump is fighting his re-election battle against Joe Biden. Trump is known to go to any extent to win elections. A businessman himself, President Trump has agreed on record saying that he is completely fine to take outside help in battling his opponent. He didn’t stop it there, Trump went ahead and asked Ukraine President to investigate Joe Biden and his son’s investments in their country. This is a severe violation by any head of the nation. Trump was criticized heavily for his move to ask for foreign interference in US elections. The issue has raked up Congress as well, and impeachment was filed against President Donald Trump. As the situation is going out of hand, Trump and his team are working a different strategy to battle, Joe Biden.

Ever since the impeachment was ordered against Donald Trump, his team has come up with public ads defaming Joe Biden. The ad claims that Joe Biden wanted the prosecutor to be fired who was involved in investigating Hunter Biden’s investments. However, the very first line of the ad is false, which was later confirmed by Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post’s fact-checker columnist. Despite the fact-check, Trump and his team are putting millions of dollars to fund the ad campaign across the United States to reach a wide range of audiences. This is unacceptable and unprecedented. To battle the ad campaign of Donald Trump, Joe Biden has launched the “Trump Rapid Response Fund.” Funds received from this campaign will be used to keep Joe Biden’s ads live. Biden needs our support. Please go to the below link to support the campaign.

Trump Rapid Response Fund
Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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