Biden holds a near two-digit national lead against President Trump!!

Former vice president Joe Biden is consistently proving his formidable lead against President Donald Trump in the latest national poll. According to the new survey, Biden maintained a near two-digit lead among the registered voters, which took place after the conventions of both the parties. The Monmouth University poll released on Thursday shows that more than half of the registered voters across the country want Biden to be their next president. Fifty-one percent prefer Biden over 42 percent of support for President Donald Trump. In the pre-convention poll held last month, Biden had a 10 point lead over Trump with 51-41 percentage points. Trump was unable to create an impact in polls even after the party conventions, which took place in August.

Among likely voters of the Monmouth survey, Biden has the highest-single-digit lead so far with seven percentage points. More than half, 51 percent of the likely voters, support the Democratic presidential nominee, and only 44 percent are backing the Republican counterpart. The poll took place just days after the reports by The Atlantic and other media networks, which reported that the president was belittling the sacrifices of US service members. He termed the dead Mariners' burial ground as "filled with losers" and "they deserved what they got for their poor performance." Trump also opposed the inclusion of wounded veterans at a military parade.

Although the president and his administration have denied the statements, Biden attacked President Trump for his insensitive remarks for the fallen soldiers. Biden told reporters, "I've never been as disappointed in my whole career with a leader that I've worked with, president or any other administrative official. That is an absolutely damnable thing to say." In dealing with military troops and veterans' respect, 71 percent of the registered voters said that Biden respects them. Out of them, 48 percent felt respect was of a great deal. On the other hand, only just above half of the registered voters, 55 percent, felt that Trump respects the military troops. With 758 registered voters, the Monmouth University poll was conducted between September 3rd to 8th with an error margin of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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