Biden earns 16-point national lead with Election Day round the corner!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is riding high on polls with Election Day just under a month, and his opponent President Trump is confined to home isolation. As per the latest survey, Biden holds a 16-point lead over Trump among likely voters nationwide. The new CNN poll released on Tuesday shows that a majority of likely voters want Biden to be their next president instead of Trump. Fifty-Seven percent of the lively voters prefer the former vice president compared to 41 percent support for Donald Trump. The same poll conducted in late August and early September showed that Biden was leading with eight percentage points among registered voters. Fifty percent for Biden and 43 percent to Trump. Interestingly, in just a month, Biden has doubled his lead to 16 percentage points.

Unlike the previous months where the country saw racial protests, this month was relatively steady for the general election campaign until President Trump announced that he was corona positive. Despite no racial protests and no high-level backlash for the president, Biden managed to notch a double-digit lead nationally against Trump while maintaining a consistent lead in some crucial swing states. According to the RealClearPolitics average survey, Biden leads Trump by 8.5 points nationally as of Tuesday morning. The survey showed results from September 21 to October 4. The CNN national poll also shows Biden leading in every age group. Among the voters under the age of 35, Biden has a whopping 65% support double that of Trump's 32%. In the age group of 35-49, Biden leads with 57% to Trump's 40%. Among 50-64 ages, Biden again leads with 50% to 48%. And finally, in the old age group of 65+, Biden has 60% of voters support than Trump's 39%.

Coming to the issues like racial inequality, coronavirus, healthcare, Supreme Court norms, crime & safety, Biden leads in every category with half or more than 50 percent of the voters' support. Voters were also quizzed about the first presidential debate. Fifty-seven percent of the debate watchers said that Biden is the winner, and only 26% believed that Trump won the debate. The rest 14% didn't choose any candidate. Responding to the polls, Biden tweeted to ignore the polls and register to vote. Here's the tweet:

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