Biden to announce a new caregiving plan for kids & older Americans!!

Former vice president, Joe Biden has been working on his own economic recovery plan, suggesting his ideas and plans to the government and the citizens to open the economy safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. His new program focuses on strengthening the country's workforce of caregivers and educators. The plan aims to provide affordable child care for free and older Americans suffering from specific disabilities. The program costs $775 billion for the next ten years. It would be covered by rolling back tax breaks for real estate investors with incomes over $400K—additionally, some other steps like increasing tax compliance for high-income earners.

Joe Biden ensures that his plan helps to build energy-efficient child care provisions, boost wages, and benefit caregivers and educators. As a president, Joe Biden will:

1. Establish innovation funds for states, close the gaps in Medicaid for home and community-based services.

2. Treat every caregiver and educator with respect and dignity.

3. Addition of 150,000 community health workers to improve health outcomes for the most underserved communities.

4. Remove gaps in the country's health care infrastructure.

5. Train 35,000 workers to provide critical support during future epidemics.

6. To recruit, retain, and empower nursing professionals as a part of the nation's strategy.

7. Create thousands of jobs to provide necessary care for veterans.

8. Create new health care jobs by improving the resources for Indian Health Service.

9. To launch a Public Health Jobs Corps.

10. To ensure high-quality child care affordable for every American and preschool universal.

11. Save money for families by helping them with child care costs.

12. Ensure that Military children have access to quality child care.

13. Rewards for caregivers and educators as and when they deserve.

14. Legal protections and a choice for the caregivers to join their preferred union.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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