Joe Biden Plans a Counterattack on Trump ahead of Iowa caucuses!!

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began in the United States Senate on January 16th, 2020. Earlier, the US House of Representatives voted against Donald Trump in November based on two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. While the trial is underway, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is mainly responsible for the impeachment of Trump's plans to offer forceful disapproval of the President that will act as a closing message ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Joe Biden, who is in a close race going forward to caucus state, is scheduled to deliver a speech in Waukee, a suburb of Des Moines. This speech serves as a rebuttal to a rally, which Trump is set to hold in the same suburb later on Thursday. Team Biden also released a 60-second ad on YouTube that talks about "character" and begins with the images of the White House and the Oval Office. It will soon be aired as a television ad in Iowa. Biden's plan to counterattack Trump with his ad and speech is not expected to discuss Trump's impeachment trial but will be about Presidential nominee. This event is coming in the backdrop of mounting tensions between Biden and Trump's supporters in Congress. Republican Senator Joni Ernst suggested that the scrutiny of Biden and his at the impeachment trial will surely hurt Biden at the upcoming caucuses.

Another Republican Senator, Rick Scott and his team released a television ad that baselessly accuses Biden of corruption, in line with Trump's baseless attacks on former Vice President. Speaking about the unfounded attacks, Biden said, "A senator from Florida, sitting in Washington, has decided to start running negative ads against Joe Biden just days before the Iowa caucus. What do you think that's about?" He laughed and continued, "Look, it's simple. They are smearing me to try to stop me, and they know if I'm the nominee, I'm going to beat Donald Trump like a drum."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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