Joe Biden plans for Covid task force during the transition of power!!

President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force at the White House was of no help for Americans in containing the spread of the virus. Vice President Mike Pence was unable to make any crucial decisions even though he heads the coronavirus task force. To solve the issue, the Democratic Presidential nominee plans to constitute his own task force to help the country from rising COVID cases if he wins the election against President Trump. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Biden has only one message: “listen to the scientists.” Owing to his message Biden plans to select a team that features well-respected veteran public health experts who have experience working under Clinton and Obama administrations.

Biden’s task force team will have former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler, New York University’s Dr. Celine Gounder, Yale’s Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, former Obama White House aide Dr. Zeke Emanuel and former Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Julie Morita, presently working as the executive vice president at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The entire team will advise the transition officials on bringing down the latest spike in cases and ensuring the vaccines are safe for general usage. Most of the members have already been working with Biden’s campaign from the early days of the pandemic. Kessler and Murthy also led briefings for Biden as frequently as four times a week about the virus’s spread and development of the Covid vaccine. These briefings were also featured in Biden’s campaign advertisements as a part of his claims that he is better prepared than Trump to handle the coronavirus pandemic. The former vice president’s decision to create a new task force comes as the cases are on a surge across all the parts of the country.

At the time of Election Day, the country has over 230,000 deaths due to coronavirus, with 9 million positive cases. Both the stats are expected to rise by the time Biden assumes office in January 2021, if he wins the election. Kathleen Sebelius, the former Health and Human Services Secretary, said in an interview that task force creation amid a pandemic is good news. “We are still 11 weeks away from the inauguration; that’s potentially dangerous and damaging time for the American public with the virus still surging. So hopefully, this can give the American public some confidence that they are not on their own, and the administration is with them.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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