Here's how Biden's team is planning to fix the coronavirus testing issue!!

The second wave of coronavirus pandemic is currently at its full potential in the United States, creating new records every day. The country clocked over 200 thousand new positive cases and close to 2000 deaths just a couple of days ago, making it the highest single-day cases across the world. To find the exact reason behind the surge in cases, President-elect Joe Biden and his advisers are planning for a massive expansion of the country's testing capacity, which can help bring down the new cases and virus outbreak. Biden's team of experts focuses on different ways to identify people who are already infected but have no symptoms to keep these superspreaders away from unaffected people.

According to the four experts involved, the various strategies under discussion are to increase the availability of affordable, rapid tests and the usage of the Defense Production Act to increase the supply of chemicals, pipettes, and other essential testing materials. Their efforts are inspired by the recent technological advances, such as the FDA's decision to go for the first fully at-home test. They are also in talks with groups like The Rockefeller Foundation, a non-profit group that works in cities, states, and tribes to improve testing accessibility. The foundation also determines how the states can run the schools without affecting them with world-class contact-tracing programs. Once they are successfully implemented, Biden's plan would turn the testing system into a tool capable of decreasing infections.

Presently, the Trump administration has entirely shifted the responsibility of testing onto states and local commercial labs, shying away from a coordinated strategy to test the people. Other public health experts also claimed that a new approach for testing is undoubtedly needed, as it completed a year since the virus first emerged in Wuhan of China. Biden's team plan has been halted by President Trump's refusal to concede the election and allow a smooth transition of power to the President-elect. "The Biden administration has a huge task ahead. They have to put the train back on the rails while hurtling down the track," said Scott Becker, CEO of the Association of Public Health Laboratories. The new website for the president-elect's lists out the steps to make testing accessible for every citizen.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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