Joe Biden raises $46.7 million in March for his campaign!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has raised a total of $46.7 million in March, although the deadly coronavirus outbreak broke out in the country. Biden’s team announced on Monday that his fundraising in March is his best so far, beating President Donald Trump as well. Towards the end of February, Biden won some of the crucial primaries, which helped his campaign with the best fundraisings. On the last day of February, Biden had a strong win in South Carolina’s primary and followed by Super Tuesday victories in the first week of March. These two wins have helped Biden to raise an amount of what he raised in his entire campaign for February.

From the second quarter of 2019 towards the end of February 2020, Biden and his team raised over $88 million for his campaign and spent approximately $32.5 million. As per the campaign finance report by Biden’s campaign team, he is left with $26.4 million in his account at the end of March. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has almost 3x times that of Biden with $94 million in his account at the end of February. It is to be noted that Trump has built his campaign without any worry about a competitive primary, unlike Joe Biden, who has to survive in a fierce primary battle. Just like the individual candidates, the Republican National Committee (RNC) also has a large cash-on-hold compared to that of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The tables turned around in March with both Biden and the DNC outraising Trump and RNC with the help of an $18 million fund transfer from Mike Bloomberg’s campaign.

Biden informed his supporters in an email that his campaign’s finances would go down in April due to external issues like coronavirus pandemic, orders of stay-at-home, mass unemployment, economic slowdown. In the official email to the supporters, he wrote - “I know that April finances may not match that of March in our campaign fundraising, and that’s okay for me. The whole world has changed a great deal with the coronavirus. These are unrecognizable at times. Your family and community need your utmost generosity and strength at this point more than ever.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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