Biden raises whopping $26 million in a single day after selecting Harris for VP!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign had the best fundraising for a single day after he selected Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for their fight against President Donald Trump for the White House. His campaign managed to rake up to $26 million in just 24 hours after the announcement. The massive total indicates the growing strength for Biden’s campaign with the elections only under 100 days to go. Soon after Biden and Harris’ first joint campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden officially announced the total fundraising during his first virtual grassroots fundraiser on Wednesday evening.

Over 150,000 first-time donors took part in the giant fundraising event which shows the ability of Harris’ to generate enthusiasm for the campaign, as she creates history to become the first black woman and Asian-American lady to get selected as the vice-presidential candidate from one of the two major parties of the United States. Kamala Harris went through a rigorous vetting process by Biden and his team, which included more than a dozen women and some of his 2020 presidential primary rivals. The announcement of VP selection was sent through a text message to Biden supporters, followed by his best hour of fundraising in his entire 2020 campaign, confirmed by one of his aides. As per the poll report, Biden said - “It’s really palpable, the excitement,” during the fundraiser.

In comparison to President Donald Trump, Democratic National Committee and Biden’s campaign have closed in the cash gap. This is a significant victory to Biden as he was lagging behind President Trump, who has been maintaining a steady financial advantage for months together. Biden struggled during his initial days in the presidential primaries against his Democratic rivals but was able to quickly turn the tables. Even before her official selection, Kamala Harris was responsible for raising big money for Biden’s campaign. She helped raise more than $5 million by headlining fundraisers and other events, including two Zoom virtual events alongside Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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