Biden releases new ad targeting Trump!!

The coronavirus outbreak has now become a headache for leaders across the world. It started in China and is now spread to over 190 countries. Presently, the US has the most number of positive cases across the globe. Being a superpower, it's a shame that President Trump showed his inability to tackle the issue. Political experts criticized Trump for not acting on time to control the spread of the virus. The state of New York alone has more than 44,000 active cases and reported 519 deaths so far. Even after so much damage, Trump and his administration are unable to bring the situation under control. On Friday itself, the US reported 11,533 new cases.

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a new ad video on his official Twitter handle targeting President Trump on his false statements on coronavirus outbreak. The video shows the comments of President Trump starting from the first case in the US to the latest one. There are also clips from Trump's press briefings where he disses the journalists just because they asked some of the uncomfortable questions. The video clearly demonstrates the inability of President Trump who contradicted his own statements. The video ends with the message - "Real crisis demand real leadership. Not lies, not excuses, not scapegoats."

In his tweet, Biden wrote - "In times of crisis, American presidents have always stepped up to meet the moment. But all we've gotten from Donald Trump are lies, excuses, and scapegoats. Trump has failed our country at a time when we need him most."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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