Biden promises to announce his running in the first week of August!!

On Tuesday, former vice president Joe Biden pledged that he would announce his running mate in the first week of August after several months of speculations. Before that, he promised to select a woman as his running and the vice president in March. Despite a lot of rumors going around, Biden is yet to give clarity about the candidate. Speaking to the reporters after his speech in Wilmington, Biden said - “I’m going to have a choice in the first week of August, and I promise I’ll let you know when I do it.” However, Biden didn’t clarify whether he would meet the finalists in person or through a video conference for the Vice Presidential role.

Biden’s running mate choice would be crucial for multiple reasons. The first reason is his commitment to select a woman; if elected, the candidate would be the first woman to become the Vice President in the history of the United States. The other reason is, Biden is currently 77 years old; if elected as the President, it is unlikely that Biden would seek a second term at the age of 81. So, his running mate would be the default bearer for the future of the Democratic Party. He recently spoke to one of the possible running mates, Rep. Karen Bass, on Monday at the US Capitol after he paid respects to the late Rep. John Lewis. Former national security adviser in Obama’s administration, Susan Rice, is also in contention along with Bass. Biden supporters are hoping that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate. Joe Biden is looking for someone who is loyal, trusted, experienced, and apolitical partner to strengthen his campaign to the White House. In simpler words, Biden wants a running mate who can play his role during Obama’s presidency.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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