Biden requests Trump to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus!!

A total of 1 million people are affected due to coronavirus pandemic worldwide. The virus outbreak destroyed the economy of several countries. Iran reported more than 50 thousand cases and 3000+ people succumbing to the deadly virus. Amid the difficult times, former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday asked the Trump and his team to ease the economic sanctions levied against Iran as they are fighting the pandemic. “In the times of a global crisis, America should lead by an example,” said Joe Biden.

Biden further added - “ America should be the first country to offer help to other people who are in danger. That’s who we are, and that’s how we have always been. Amid this deadly virus outbreak, which has no borders, the United States should be the first to take necessary steps in offering whatever relief measures we can to those nations that are hit the hardest by the virus. This should include Iran as well. At the same time, we should also prioritize the health measures for the people of America.” In his statement, Biden also acknowledged that the leadership in Tehran failed to respond quickly and effectively to the crisis, just like President Trump. This slow reaction has hurt the people of Iran.

Biden targeted Trump again with his criticism for pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which was negotiated under Obama-Biden administration. After the withdrawal, the Trump government has increased the pressure and sanctions against Iran. This has backfired as Iran launched missiles on the US army base, killing the soldiers. “It makes no sense to engage in a war during a global health crisis. We need to provide humanitarian assistance in these difficult times. Whatever our differences with the Iranian government, all of them should be kept aside, and we should support the Iranian people,” Biden said in his statement. This statement comes from Biden just days after President Trump alleged that Iran is planning for a sneak attack on US troops from his official Twitter handle.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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