Biden says he will trust scientists but not Trump on corona virus vaccine!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden criticized President Trump and his administration’s process laid down to approve the coronavirus vaccine. Simultaneously, the former vice president expressed his confidence in scientists responsible for creating, studying, and releasing them for public use. Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said - “I trust vaccines, I trust the scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump.” The statement from Biden comes after his two-hour-long briefing with his health experts team. The latest poll showed a rise in public skepticism about a coronavirus vaccine. So, Biden tried to clarify between trust in vaccine versus distrust in a Trump vaccine, which may be released under political influence.

President Trump was quick to dodge the allegations, accusing Biden of being reckless and endangering lives. “Biden should stop promoting his anti-vaccine theories,” Trump said in his White House briefing. He further claimed that the vaccine would be distributed sometime in October without evidence of his claims. Trump contradicted his own CDC chief, who clarified that the vaccine would not be available for public use until next year. Biden further questioned, “what would be the criteria to ensure that the vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness? Secondly, if the administration gives the nod for the vaccine, who will validate the decision whether it is driven by science or politics? Which group of scientists are going to validate it? And thirdly, how can the Americans be sure about the distribution of the vaccine which needs to take place safely, affordably and without any influence?”

Biden was ready to take the vaccine himself if all the above criteria were met without any favoritism and recommend it to his fellow Americans. “Americans right now don’t trust the president’s claims about anything related to science,” Biden said, citing Trump’s recent remarks, which contradicted his own administrative officials. The former vice president also revealed plans undertaken by his team to be ready for the national vaccination campaign in January if he wins in November. When questioned about mandatory mask policy, Biden replied - “I would make the case why it is necessary to have a mask every time in public. I’d ask the scientists to explain in detail about the advantages of the mask. Also, I would go to every governor, Republican governors, and Democratic governors, and would say - ‘we have to implement this as a national mandate.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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