Cancel the debate if Trump still has Covid - Biden

The Democratic presidential nominee suggested canceling the next presidential debate scheduled to be held on Thursday night of 15th October at Miami, Florida, if President Donald Trump is still positive for the coronavirus. Speaking to the reporters, Biden said - "I think if he still has COVID, we shouldn't be having a debate. It's a severe problem to ponder. We will have to follow stringent guidelines if it takes place. Far too many people have been infected the last time." Just a couple days after the first presidential debate, Trump announced that he and the first lady were tested positive for the coronavirus. Biden underwent two tests following the news, and he was declared negative on both the occasions.

Although Biden suggested canceling the second presidential debate, he is still looking forward to debating President Trump if there is any slight chance on October 15th. He further claimed - "I'm sure whether the debate will take place or not. I don't know what his status is." If there is any chance of hosting the debate, Biden promised to follow the guidelines set forth by the Cleveland Clinic, the Commission, which is advising on the Presidential Debates on health concerns. "I just hope all the safety protocols are followed at least this time," Biden concluded.

On the other hand, Trump's campaign team is confident about Trump taking part in the next debate. "President Trump will be healthy and will be available for the second debate. There's no getting out of this one for Biden and his agents in the media can't cover for him in this matter," Tim Murtaugh, Trump's campaign spokesman, informed Politico in a statement. After getting treatment in the Walter Reed Medical Center for two days, Trump is now back to the White House even though his office released worry signs about his condition. If Trump remains infectious until the second debate, which will take place next week, it would surely increase the risk of infecting others around him. During the last debate, more than 30 people in Trump's inner circle have been tested positive for the virus. We will have to wait and see if Trump recovers completely to participate in the debate or if the second debate gets canceled.

Dr.Dhillon Randeep

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