Trump is the first racist to serve as President - Joe Biden

Former vice president, Joe Biden made one of the outrageous comments against President Trump on Wednesday, claiming that he is the first racist elected president of the United States. During his speech in a virtual town hall, Biden made the statement in response to President Trump and his administration's continuous remarks to characterize the coronavirus pandemic as 'Chinese virus' and the 'Wuhan virus.' The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee retorted that "no sitting president in the United States history has ever done this, never. No Republican president or a Democratic president has done this. We've had racists in the past & they've tried to get elected as the president, but this is the first time one has become the president."

One of Biden's campaign senior advisers, Symone Sanders, issued a clarification on Biden's remarks later on Wednesday. She clarified, "there may have been several racist American presidents, but Trump stands out, especially in this modern era. Because he built his campaign and ran for the president on racism, dividing the communities and finally winning." Sanders further added, "Trump deliberately instigates both racism and divisive politics, which leads to intense pain. He does it because he thinks it will help him politically." Referring to the former governor of Alabama George Wallace, who had staunch segregationist views who lost the presidential race, Sanders said - "The George Wallaces of America's history had run on these hate-filled racial stories lost at the end."

On multiple occasions, Biden accused Trump as a divisive president as he made racial remarks in the past. Trump was under the scanner after he referred to the countries with majority-Black populations as "shit-hole countries." Trump didn't stop it there; he further brought in new immigration rules which bars the travel from several Muslim-majority countries into the United States during the start of his presidency. Trump also used racist nicknames for his Democratic opponents, calling Senator Elizabeth Warren as 'Pocahontas.' The White House denied agreeing with President Trump's racial remarks about the coronavirus.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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