Biden seeks a new stimulus package bigger than previous $2 trillion!!

Coronavirus pandemic created havoc in the United States. Currently, the US has close to a million positive cases and 54,000 deaths. Although Trump and his administration released the emergency relief package of $2 trillion, it doesn’t address all the issues of affected Americans and businesses. President Trump was also criticized for his slow response and the way he handled the crisis. Over 26 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits since the virus broke out in the country. In an intense interview with Politico, former Vice President Joe Biden said that the upcoming relief package should be a hell lot of bigger than the previous $2 trillion CARES Act.

Since the last relief package by the federal government, a lot of new small businesses, entrepreneurs, employees have reported losses and are affected with coronavirus. Keeping these issues in mind, Biden said, “All the needs should be addressed by including an enormous aid to the states and cities to restrict the layoffs of teachers, cops, firefighters and people in other occupations.” Due to the virus outbreak and lockdown precautions, Biden has been running the campaign from his newly built studio in his Delaware house. He confined himself only to tweeting, sharing of video bytes and virtual interviews to the media. While President Trump appears in the daily press briefings from the White House, Biden asked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to speak for the Democratic Party. Both party leaders have criticized themselves on a range of issues like economic relief, virus control, helping the people in needy, and also the general elections.

In his interview, Biden took shots at Trump for helping big business and banks for the second consecutive time. He further stated that Trump and his administration utilized the CARES Act fund to help the big corporate companies neglecting the small businesses. “Big Banks like Wells Fargo live only because of the American taxpayer, but they don’t like to lend finances to small businesses. Today, I’m telling you, if Main Street Small businesses don’t get help in this crisis, they are destroyed forever,” said Biden. The presumptive Democratic nominee also informed that he is continuously in touch with other Democratic leaders, telling them about his priorities and also gave them credit for their work in increasing the unemployment benefits and other improvements to the Republican proposals.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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