Biden to select his VP candidate in the next coming weeks!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced last week that he would select a female candidate as his running mate (Vice President) if he wins the Democratic nomination. It is now known that Biden shortlisted more than six women for the post of Vice Presidency, and he is all set to start the vetting process to finalize the candidate in a matter of weeks. Biden also indicated that he consulted President Barack Obama regarding the same. Biden worked as the Vice President during the two terms of Obama’s presidency. However, he didn’t disclose any names.

Speculations are making rounds that the former Vice President is considering the three senators who ran against him in the race for the Democratic presidential nominee - Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris. Speaking during a call with donors, Biden said - “I will be looking for someone comfortable with where I am on the policies instead of having a restricted view of the United States. I think there are plenty of women who are ready, are tested out there who are capable of answering the questions. I’ll have to start the vetting process very soon, and there will be six or seven people that I look at. Background checks are mandatory, and whoever it is, they have to be prepared. I don’t want to create any chaotic situation once the selection is made.”

During the call with the donor, Biden was asked whether former acting US Attorney General Sally Yates can be selected or not. Democrats much-hailed Sally Yates after she was fired for her post in 2017 for not defending Trump’s immigration policy. Responding to the question, Biden said - “Sally is really an incredible person.” He was also asked if he believed the November election would be postponed, Biden said - “I know there is a lot of rumors and speculation as to whether elections in November will be postponed or not. Honestly, there’s no need to do that.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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