Biden campaign slams Facebook for blocking thousands of ads in the final week!!

Ads play a significant role in an election. With social media penetration, ads on social networking sites create a considerable impact than those that are aired on televisions. To make the most of the opportunity, Biden's campaign also ran ads on Facebook. However, with the social media giant's pre-election blackout on new political ads, thousands of ads from the Democratic nominee's campaign have been blocked by Facebook. Advertisements that are already approved to run also were blocked by Facebook as per Biden's campaign team. The ads were blocked from Tuesday, leading to costs of up to half-a-million dollars in expected donations and changing the advertising plans just before the election.

To restrict the spread of misinformation around the election, Facebook constituted a new self-imposed ban on new political ads on Monday night. However, the new policy generated heavy criticism this week as it led to the removal of already approved and running ads from their website. Although Facebook called it a "technical glitch," it affected both the parties' campaigns as it cut off the platform to convey their message to the voters at the most critical time. Rob Flaherty, the digital director of Biden's campaign, slammed Facebook for its new policy just a week before Election Day. "No clarity on the widespread issues that are plaguing all of our ad campaigns since the onset of their new ad restrictions. We demand Facebook to take necessary steps today to rectify and explain the depth of this fiasco clearly," he said in a statement to POLITICO.

On the other hand, Facebook tried to explain the issue with a blog post. "Even though the majority of political and issue ads have been unaffected with the new restriction, we have identified several unanticipated issues affecting campaigns of both political parties. Some were technical problems, and others were because advertisers did not understand the instructions we provided on how to make changes to ad targeting. We have implemented changes to fix these issues, and most of the ads are now running without any problem." Facebook's inability to handle the election is quite surprising as they previously had the experience in 2016.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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