Trump is acting like a child in handling coronavirus - Biden

Former Vice President amplified his criticism for President Donald Trump on Thursday for his response in handling the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the death of over 125,000 Americans. He ripped Trump during his speech in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - "Trump is like a child who doesn't believe this has happened to him as the President, all his whining and self-pity. Well, this coronavirus pandemic didn't happen to him, but it happened to all of us. Especially to the Americans who are suffering from its aftermath. His job is not to whine about the pandemic but to do something for the betterment of American citizens, lead them and make them feel confident about their future," said Biden.

In the same speech, Biden also put forward his vision in expanding healthcare services to a broad set of Americans by building on the existing Obamacare policies. Biden further asked the Trump administration to suspend the ongoing lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), giving a stern warning about its implications, which could stop the coverage for millions of Americans. "The Trump government's decision to fight a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act is the cruelest decision of all. If the decision prevails in court, Americans would be stripped away with their coverage benefits, rising of premiums, and many more," said Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The former vice president reiterated his pledge to expand the health care coverage by starting a public insurance option for the Americans.

He explained, "we need a public insurance option now, more than ever, as we have more than 20 million unemployed people due to the coronavirus pandemic." Responding to Trump's claims of decreasing the testing, Biden said, "more number tests will help identify the positive cases and eventually save lives, it's not the other way around." Biden also mocked Trump for his unwillingness to make a public appearance with a mask and suggested him to keep the country's interests above and over his political interests.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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