Biden still at risk even after testing negative after the debate!!

Since the start of 2020, former vice president Joe Biden has been taking all the necessary precautions to stay away from the coronavirus. Thanks to his hardworking team, which made extraordinary measures to keep him safe even after opening up the country. Despite the pandemic, Biden traveled across different states on a campaign trail in his attempt to win the White House by following all the CDC recommendations mandatorily. However, with Trump testing positive for the virus, some suggest that Biden is still at risk as he debated with the president just a couple days before he tested positive.

As per the medical professionals, Donald Trump was quite likely to be infectious even on the debate night, because he was on oxygen support before going to Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Some suggest that the virus can incubate for up to 14 days. "A person is at their peak stage of infectiousness in the 48 hours before their symptoms start to show up," said Leena Wen, an ER physician and a former health commissioner for Baltimore. Despite his recent tests showing a negative result, it could be some more days before Biden is cleared of the virus completely. Democrats also expressed their frustration after knowing that Biden is at risk, who is always careful and wears a mask all the time. Responding to the news, Rep. Tim Ryan said - "The irony of the news is that if there is anyone out of the entire American population who should have the least amount of risk, then it has to be the president of the United States and his inner circle.

Tim was also present in the debate hall and underwent a coronavirus test. It is also important to note that most of the Trump family members broke the Cleveland Clinic's debate guidelines. They removed their masks after taking their seats with the general public just some feet away from them. In contrast, Biden and his team were having the masks adhering to the rules strictly. Although Trump first tested positive on Thursday through a rapid test. He made the news public only after the confirmation from the PCR test.

Dr.Dhillon Randeep

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