Biden leads in Texas, Florida and North Carolina as per latest polls!!

Even though Election Day is just under ten days, the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden isn't backing off in any national poll. He holds a slight lead in Texas among likely voters against President Donald Trump as per the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas poll released on Sunday. A similar survey by the CBS News Battleground Tracker poll revealed that Biden has a slight edge over Trump in all the three crucial Southeastern states of the United States. Although Biden and Trump shared the same voter support from likely voters in Georgia, with 49 percent each, Biden has an edge in the two other crucial states of Florida and North Carolina.

The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll also showed that Biden has two percentage points lead over Trump in Florida with 50-48 against Trump and a three-point advantage in North Carolina, 51-47. Interestingly, Trump won all three states in 2016, which offers 60 electoral votes and eventually helped him win the Electoral college. The poll by Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas showed that Biden has a support of 48 percent likely voters, 3 percent more than Trump's support. Biden, who was trailing by 2 points in the same poll in September, is now leading Trump with three percentage points. The difference from September is the expanded lead among Hispanic voters for Biden from 30 percentage points to 48. Trump also won the Texas state in 2016, which has 38 electoral votes, the most populous state that voted for Donald Trump. Democrats have an abysmal record in Texas as no Democratic candidate won since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Coming to the CBS News Battleground Tracker polls, most voters in all the three states who have already voted said that they voted for Joe Biden. Sixty-one percent in both Florida and North Carolina and 55 percent in Georgia said they had voted for Biden. From October 20th to 23rd, the poll took place with a sample size of 1243 registered voters in Florida, 1037 in North Carolina, and 1102 in Georgia. The error margin is plus or minus 4.1 points in North Carolina, 3.4 points in Georgia, and 3.6 points in Florida. Texas's poll took place between October 13 and 20th, with a sample size of 1012 voters. The error margin is plus or minus 3.22 points for likely voters.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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