Biden beats Trump with huge cash lead and spendings!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden clinches yet another victory against President Trump in terms of funding. For the first time in the 2020 campaign trail, Biden is sitting on a huge pile of cash beating Trump's cash reserves. The former vice president has also outsmarted Trump in spendings, a rare sight that no political expert could predict. As the campaign enters the final leg, Biden presently has $141 million in excess to Trump's, a staggering reversal of cash reserves when compared to the beginning of the 2020 campaign. At the start of 2019, Trump was at the top of the financial game against nearly broke Biden, who was trying his luck with the Democratic nomination.

According to an official from Biden's campaign, both Democratic National Committee and the former vice president and all their affiliated fund-raising groups have $446 million in the bank. This was possible with the record-breaking fund-raising of $365 million last month. On the other hand, Republican National Committee and Donald Trump have $325 in the bank as per the Trump campaign's spokesperson Tim Murtaugh. Even when we consider only the presidential campaign committees, Biden still leads with $181 million in hand to Trump's $121 million. In August spendings, Biden outspent President Trump with 2x spendings, which no one thought would be possible for Biden. Trump spent $61 million in August while Biden spent $130 million. Biden's team mostly spent the funds for TV ads while the Trump campaign went dark in some key swing states.

Most of the Republicans were left surprised with the suspension of ads by Trump's TV last month. However, their campaign manager Bill Stepien said they are trying to carefully manage the budget allocations for the massive reelection campaign just under 50 days. Trump has troubling times ahead compared to the nine-figure head-start he had against Biden at the start of the election campaign. But Biden's record-breaking fund-raising, polls, ratings, over the course of the campaign has turned everything upside down for President Trump and his campaign.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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