Biden taking strict steps to restraints anti-Asian violence

US President Joe Biden has announced tough action to respond to violence and xenophobia against Asian Americans.

The announcements by the President of the United States include the re-establishment and revival of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and the Pacific Islanders (AAPI), with the main focus on anti-Asian discrimination and violence.

"We cannot remain silent against the escalating violence against Asian Americans," Biden tweeted. That is why I am taking some steps today to respond, including initiatives in the Department of Justice to deal with anti-Asian crimes. These attacks must be stopped because they are wrong, non-American."The announcement includes a new community-based program for cultural-specific services and a .5 49.5 million grant from the US Rescue Plan for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, which will address other service barriers." Such as language barriers to services and security. Biden, who said during his speech that anti-Asian violence is wrong and should be stopped, called for the establishment of a Covid-19 Equity Task Force Committee to address and eradicate xenophobia against Asian Americans and the establishment of the Justice Department. Also announced. The agency will take the initiative to address anti-agency violence. Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted: "Harming someone is harmful to all of us." I And the President will not remain silent, so our administration is taking steps to address the growing violence against the Asian-American community, which is part of the initiative. Fight anti-Asian violence, ”Harris said.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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