Biden suggests Trump to reopen Obamacare!!

Former Vice President and the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested President Trump and his administration to reopen the enrollment in the Obamacare health scheme. The remarks from Biden come at a time when millions of Americans, most of them who lost their jobs, are facing the prospect of enduring the coronavirus outbreak without proper access to healthcare. Due to the poor handling of the crisis, President Trump is under immense pressure to allow the individuals who don’t have the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) insurance to purchase it for a specific enrollment period.

Even though Trump informed reporters last week that his administration is in talks with a lot of people on the issue of reopening the Obamacare, the idea was rejected early this week. The rejection came as a shock to health officials, insurers, and various other people who are involved and hoped they would reopen it. Even before this drama unfolded by his administration, President Trump, on multiple occasions, had referred the Obamacare health initiative as a “failure.” Trump also questioned why his administration should think of reopening it. Later in a press briefing on Thursday, Trump reiterated that he was always against Obamacare and told the reporters that he had a better idea of “cash payment,” which was incomplete and very confusing. When asked what he meant by cash payment, Trump was blank before handing it over to Vice President Mike Pence, who clarified it as the funding to the hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus victims but not the direct cash payments to the people.

In an exclusive statement to The Daily Beast, Joe Biden said - “During the pandemic when health care is of the greatest priority than ever, Trump is refusing to help the poor who have not purchased the insurance, access, and an option to the best of the resources we have. This is not the time to put pettiness and ideology above helping the poor victims who are in need. Coronavirus pandemic is the worst public health crisis in generations, and our President failed to handle the situation and prepare the country even after multiple warnings. It is now time for Trump to reverse his decision and to reopen federal health care scheme at least for a certain period.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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