Biden suggests Trump to act like a Wartime President!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden blamed President Trump for putting out false information about the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking in his first shadow briefing on the coronavirus, Biden targeted Trump for not acting swiftly and making necessary decisions to control the spread of the virus. “President Trump keeps saying that he is a wartime president. Well, it is time for him to start acting like one,” Biden suggested, referring to his coronavirus response plan.

Maintaining social distance from the outside world due to the coronavirus pandemic, Biden spoke via webcast from his room, which was turned into a broadcast studio in Wilmington, Delaware. “To paraphrase a frustrated President Lincoln writing to an inactive General McClellan during the Civil War, ‘if you don’t want to use the army, may I borrow it?’” directly taking a potshot against Trump for not acting on time. Responding to Biden’s criticisms, Trump’s campaign on Monday accused the former Vice President of undermining Americans’ confidence in the US government’s action plan to deal with the global pandemic. Trump’s campaign also criticized Biden for failing to mention China as the cause for the coronavirus pandemic at least once in his briefing.

However, Biden brought the issue of China in his remarks, claiming that he had warned Trump not to take the word of President Xi Jinping of China. Biden further added - “My point is not simply that the president was wrong. My point is that the mindset that was slow to recognize the issue in the first place to handle it with the seriousness it deserved. It is also a huge issue of how the president is dealing with the problem currently. To make things clear, Donald Trump is not to blame for the coronavirus, but he does and holds full responsibility for our response. And I, along with every American hope that Trump steps up and begins to get things right.”

Biden also shared a video clip from his briefing. Here’s the video:

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