Biden campaign's co-chair blasts President Trump for his incompetency!!

Co-chairman of Biden's presidential campaign Cedric Richmond criticized President Donald Trump for the way he handled the coronavirus pandemic, racial protests, and faltering of the country's economy. A lawyer by profession and a politician, Cedric Richmond, said - "This is Trump's America. He has to own every moment of his presidency. He is fully responsible for his incompetence, which led to the death of 180,000 Americans and more than 6 million infections, not to forget the 38 million unemployment claims. He has to own the failures as well. This is his America, which works as per his instructions," in his interview on NBC's Meet the Press program.

Richmond also took potshots regarding handling the country's economy by reminding the voters where the economy stood four years ago before Trump took over. He suggested Democrats hone their skills to lift the economy as we move towards the last stretch of the 2020 campaign. "One thing President Trump is good at is; he keeps on saying the same thing over and over again. On multiple occasions, he repeats the lie over and over again until people start believing them as facts. We have to implement the same strategy by reminding the voters over and over that President Trump destroyed and wrecked the economy just like every other thing he has ever touched in his life," the Democrat from Louisiana said.

Richmond was quizzed about the diminishing support for the Democratic Party from the black community in the recent elections and how Trump's team is making full use of the opportunity. In response, Richmond indicated that Biden's campaign would take all essential steps to speak directly to Black men and win their support. "We are not going to make any assumptions. We will also not take them for granted. We're going to talk directly to them and win their support. The issue doesn't matter; it can be an economic slowdown, homeownership, mass incarceration, college affordability, or education funding. We are going to go directly to the places where Black men live and speak directly to them about their issues," Richmond said. President Trump secured 8 percent of Black voters' support in 2016. Their support could be a game-changer for Biden's campaign if he could cut into Trump's vote share. Black voters’ support can make a big difference in swing states like Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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