Biden suggests Trump to 'start thinking deeply'!!.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is working round the clock discussing with the local administrators and Governors to contain the spread of coronavirus across the country. In this attempt, Biden suggested President Trump to “start thinking deeply and to stop thinking out loud” about the way his administration is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. More than 125 thousand people have been tested positive in the US, killing more than 2000. The US is now the most heavily hit country in the world by the coronavirus beating China.

Speaking to NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Biden said - “Look, the coronavirus is not the fault of President Donald Trump, but it is because of slow response. The spread of the virus is due to the failure of doing the right things going right away, the inability to do the things that needed to be done quickly - these are the things that can’t continue.” Biden, who spoke virtually from his make-shift TV studio in his Delaware house, dissed the president’s response during the virus outbreak. Biden also urged President Trump to focus on the practical implementation of the relief package. “Trump should stop thinking out loud, and instead, he should start thinking deeply. He should give an option and listen to the scientists before he speaks. He should also listen to health experts and his economists,” Biden said.

Talking about Trump’s rise in approval ratings, Biden said - “During a national emergency, it is expected that approval ratings would rise even though some have criticized Trump’s response as underwhelming. I’ve been around in every single crisis we have had in America, going back to Jimmy Carter and the hostages to the present coronavirus pandemic, presidents ratings have always gone up during a crisis.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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