Biden vows to bring back hope to US after the darkness from Trump!!

Former vice president Joe Biden made an emotional and emphatic speech after accepting the Democratic party’s presidential nomination at Democratic National Convention held in Milwaukee on Thursday. He vowed to embrace the path of hope and light to the country and his fellow citizens after the darkness created by President Trump. “May the history of the country be able to say that the end of American darkness due to President Donald Trump and his administration began here tonight,” Biden said in his speech. “I will be an ally of light, not the darkness,” Biden concluded in his closing argument at the party’s convention held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden, who has been waiting for the official nomination for over a month, spoke in detail about his personal experiences of grief and loss of his family members by connecting and understanding the pain of the families who lost their loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic. While Biden didn’t directly mention the president, he criticized Trump for how his administration handled the crisis. Biden also took potshots at Trump for some issues like climate change, racial protests, economic slowdown, and job losses. Furthermore, the Democratic presidential nominee offered his insights and vision to fix every problem created by Trump. “President Trump has failed in his most basic duty to serve the nation. He has failed to protect all of us. He failed to protect the greatness of America. My fellow Americans, this is an unforgivable mistake from the person who holds the highest office. As the president of the United States, I promise each one of you that I’ll protect America,” said Biden.

On multiple occasions, Trump accused Joe Biden of being mentally unstable, referring to him as “Slow Joe Biden” in delivering the big speech of his life and questioned his leadership skills. However, constant criticism has only helped Biden to become more confident than ever, as he spoke without any hassles throughout his speech. In fact, Biden exceeded the expectations and went on to accuse Trump of choking the nation with “too much fear, too much anger, and too much division.” The four-day-long convention was fully organized to drive Biden’s message powerfully across all the states of the country.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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