Biden wins endorsement from progressive climate group!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden earned a high-profile endorsement from the environmental advocacy group, “350 Action”. Although progressives have been skeptical regarding the climate change commitment from Joe Biden, his latest sign and ambition to fight for climate change have changed their opinion and led to their support. Both Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, have centered their campaign against economic and racial issues along with climate change policy with an urgent effort, 350 Action group told POLITICO. They also believe in working in tandem with a potential Biden administration after the elections and work for more robust measures to tackle the problem.

Former vice president Joe Biden is in a great position in terms of national polls and ratings. An endorsement from a crucial climate change group at this point will further strengthen his campaign with Election Day just under 40 days. Biden was able to win the 350 Action endorsement even after failing to meet four of the goals put out by 350 Action group, the political wing of The four goals include investigating the fossil fuel industry’s role in climate change, disagreeing with the new federal permits for fossil fuel infrastructure, supporting a national ban, and rejecting counsel from people tied to fossil fuel interests. The Executive Director of 350 Action group said - “It doesn’t mean that we love everything we support, but it indicates where we have the best chances to drive our plan for a clean climate. We have already seen movement, and we are going to keep pushing for maximum results.”

Other Democrats Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, are also the favorites of progressives. Both of them suggested a national fracking ban that helps the environment. Going further, Toles O’Laughlin and Boeve believe that progressives could push the Democratic presidential nominee into much more aggressive action on fracking and various other climate change policies once he wins against President Donald Trump to clinch the White House. “The transformation of our group itself is proof that it’s possible. As a team who take pride in being skeptical, it is most important for us to recognize when the needle has moved,” Toles O’Laughlin said.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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