Pete Buttigieg helps Biden to raise $1 Million at grassroots fundraiser!!

Former Vice President and his campaign have been struggling to rake up funds right from the beginning. Although they have received funding from big shots now and then, they were unable to attract small-dollar donations, which will contribute hugely over a period of time. Biden's team worked on this to sort out the issue, and it looks like they are slowly getting the small-dollar donations as well. Hillary Clinton helped Biden's campaign to raise $2 million in funds last week, and now former Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg co-hosted the first grassroots fundraiser during the pandemic, raising $1 million for the campaign.

The grassroots fundraiser event was co-hosted by former Vice President Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. Approximately, 35,000 Americans opted to attend the Friday afternoon event. Both of them sent the fundraising request emails to their respective supporters' list. According to a close source, the average donation was estimated to be $26 at the event. This fundraiser will eventually help the cash-strapped Biden's campaign. Additionally, due to the lockdown measures to control the coronavirus pandemic, Biden was forced to restrict himself to virtual fundraisers from his house in Delaware. As a surprise factor, Biden and his team always included one of his Democratic nominee rivals, including Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, who fought against him in the Democratic Primaries. Interestingly, they are now in consideration for his running mate's role.

Since the start of the Democratic primaries, Biden was unable to raise money from small donors. On the other hand, Buttigieg was an expert in raising funds from both high profile and small donors. He collected more than $100 million before quitting the race in the first week of March. Pete had drastically improved his email list from 24,000 to approximately more than 1 million people now. He was also in the race to be Biden's running mate till the time Biden pledged to choose a woman to be the Vice Presidential candidate. His growing popularity has helped him to raise $1 million for Biden's campaign and hosting three high-profile fundraisers.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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