John F Kennedy's daughter, Caroline supports Joe Biden for President!!

Caroline Kennedy is the only surviving and prominent member of the Kennedy family. She served as the United States Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. Caroline is well-known for voicing her views on US politics. Even during the 2008 US elections, Caroline joined her uncle, then-Senator, Edward M. Kennedy, to endorse Barack Obama for president. In a blog post for The Boston Globe, Caroline Kennedy wrote - “When I endorsed Obama in 2008, we believed that America was ready for a new generation of leadership. It was time for a president who can inspire us, as my father did. It was also the time to believe in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things and the nobility of public service.”

She further talked about the current political scenario in the United States - “We are now facing a different world altogether. President Donald Trump has done irreversible damage to our institutions, made full use of our differences, and also lowered our credibility across the globe. This election is not just about policy proposals that are on the ballot but also the fundamental values that are at stake, which never happened before. I’m very excited by the Democratic candidates and the proposals they have put forward. America’s pride and place in the world is determined by the character of the leader we choose for our country. America needs a President who can lead from the front, who can bring people together, who knows how to fix things at home and abroad. We should also elect a leader who can nurture the next generation of leaders for the greater good of America. To do all these, we need Joe Biden.”

Caroline went on to share her experiences of meeting Joe Biden as an ambassador to Japan back in 2013. She added - “When I arrived as an ambassador to Japan in 2013, Vice President Joe Biden also came to Japan. He stepped off the Air Force Two with great optimism and generosity of spirit. Biden was obvious in making the point that Americans would always stand by our allies and committed to keeping the region peaceful. Biden is greatly admired for his accomplishments both at home and abroad. As a senator, he gained a unanimous vote to extend the Voting Rights Act for 25 years. Biden was solely responsible for the ban on assault weapons, defeating the NRA twice. His good services to the nation only increased by the number over the years. Some of them are passing the Violence Against Women Act to combat domestic violence and sexual assault, the American Recovery Act, the Affordable Care Act, etc.”

Just like Caroline Kennedy, it is the best time to support Joe Biden for the development of our country. It is the responsibility of American citizens to make Donald Trump a one-time President.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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