Legendary Singer Cher supports Joe Biden for President!!

For the beginners, Cherilyn Sarkisian, or shortly known as Cher, is a legendary American singer, actress, and television personality. She is often referred to as the Goddess of Pop by the media. Although Cher isn't a registered Democrat, she attended many conventions and events of the same. She has been vocal about her views on Republicans and especially Donald Trump. In the latest offering, the legendary singer announced her support to former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate in a series of tweets from her official Twitter account.

The 73-year-old music singer has been critical of Donald Trump over the years. Even during the 2016 Presidential elections, Cher voiced her political opinion supporting and campaigning for Hillary Clinton. She tweeted an "unpopular" political opinion supporting Joe Biden from the Democrats. She has over 3.7 million followers on her Twitter handle, and it appears to be a dig at former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's. Cher also posted a follow-up tweet asking people, "should we vote for someone just because they are rich?" Cher called out that Bloomberg is buying America just like Trump did. Cher sharply criticized Bloomberg saying, "if he wasn't a billionaire, do we even know his politics?"

Here are the tweets from Cher:

Former Vice President Joe Biden thanked Cher for her support in a reply Tweet. He also made a pitch for hitting the Vegas stage ahead of Nevada. Biden wrote - "Cher — thanks for the kind words. I'm in Vegas this week. Let me know if you need an opener!" Cher and Biden share a mutual respect for a long time. In her interview with ITK in 2018, Cher called Biden, a "really great man." She also added - "I'd love to see Biden run with someone young."

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