Biden leads Trump in the latest CNN National Poll!!

With Bernie Sanders quitting the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee till further notice. Biden and his supporters have more good news in the same week as Biden holds a significant lead over President Trump in the race to the White House as per the latest poll by CNN. Joe Biden leads Trump by 53% to 42% among the voters who registered for the poll, and the stats were almost steady to CNN’s poll in early March.

Usually, during a national emergency, the President gets unprecedented support from the entire country. But not in the case of President Trump, his approval ratings dipped even amid the coronavirus pandemic. The virus outbreak also put a break to presidential campaigning by both Biden and Trump. They have paused their respective in-person campaigning events, and several states have postponed the primary elections until the summer months. 52% of voters believed that Biden is more trusted to handle several critical issues, including the ongoing coronavirus break to 43% of President Trump. In terms of health care, Biden again has a crucial lead of 54% to 39%. Coming to helping the middle class, Biden betters it with 57% lead to just 38% by President Donald Trump.

In simpler words, approximately one in eight Americans think Biden can do a better job than Trump when it comes to health care and helping the middle class. The poll was conducted by SSRS from April 3 through April 6 before Bernie Sanders announced his withdrawal. That’s the reason; Trump had a narrow lead over crossover support. Biden is back by 91% of Democrats, while Trump holds support from 96% of Republicans. However, Biden wins with 52% to 40% in terms of Independent voters. CNN’s poll sample size was of 1002 adults with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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