Corona Virus effects campaign fundraising of Biden and Trump!!

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire in every country with the USA be no different. Only in the state of New York, more than 2000 cases are reported in a single day. The virus is not only affecting the people’s health but also the economy of the country with a lockdown situation in many areas. The latest addition is the political campaign fundraising. As the Presidential elections are just months away, both Democratic nominees and President Trump are busy raising funds for their campaign for the last few months. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, the funding is dipping every day.

Political campaigns across the United States have canceled their face-to-face fundraisers and are now figuring ways to raise enough money to be sustainable. The economic slowdown will have an impact on the 2020 election. As per the political experts, Trump benefitted from the early days of coronavirus crisis, which could cost him later. However, he had a well-planned reelection campaign compared to that of the Democrats. With current financial uncertainty, it would be an uphill task for Joe Biden, who is eventually emerging from the costly primary elections. “I’m personally postponing all the activities where more than two people are working together until the time we have a clear idea of what the dangers we have. In terms of spending money, I’m trying to cut back as much as possible,” said Bernard Schwarts, who is a philanthropist and a mega-donor of Democratic party. Bernard has donated more than $2.8 million to Democratic issues, which include helping a pro-Biden in super PAC.

To fix the issue to a certain level, both Biden and Trump are interacting with donors via video and phone calls. We will have to wait for a couple of more weeks to know the impact of coronavirus on the Presidential elections.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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