Trump blames former President Obama for the coronavirus testing problems!!

We already know how Trump diverts the accountability on his administration to elsewhere every time he is criticized. From the time coronavirus hit America, Trump has blamed multiple administrations and persons. In the beginning, Trump blamed the World Health Organisation, next China for not issuing a warning and at one instance he also blamed Democrats for politicizing the virus. Presently, President Donald Trump has launched a new attack on former President Barack Obama, blaming his administration for not leaving behind anything useful for the tests. In a press briefing on Thursday, Jim Acosta from CNN asked Trump to explain how the Obama administration was responsible for testing problems related to coronavirus when he left the office before three years.

Trump retorted, “The Obama administration left us nothing. We started with the same old bad, broken, and obsolete tests.” Acosta didn’t help back the opportunity, as he continued to ask - “You say broken tests, but this is a new virus, so how could the tests be broken and attributed to an administration which left three years ago?” Clearly, Trump didn’t have any facts to present for the counter-question, so he just put forward different versions of the same false claim again and again. For the next question, he insisted - “We had broken tests. We had obsolete tests. We had tests that didn’t take of people,” and he targeted Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden for the way they handled the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak in America which killed 12,500 Americans. Trump additionally added, “Obama administration did a poor job in everything, in our military, in the military, no jobs and no ammunition. Joe Biden doesn’t even know the H1N1 flu name; he used to call it N1H1. However, we have done a spectacular job so far.”

Here’s the video:

Trump is just yelling out nonsense as a cover-up to his administration’s mismanagement. There is no plausible explanation that proves Obama’s administration was responsible for a virus that has originated after three years of his term. Trump administration didn’t take the spread of the virus seriously towards the end of January, which led to the destruction of lives, jobs, and the economy of America. That’s the only reason why America now ranks number one with the most positive cases accounting to over 1.1 million.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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