US Intelligence agencies warned President Trump a dozen times about coronavirus!!

As per the current and former US officials, intelligence agencies warned President Trump in January and February about the spread of novel coronavirus. More than a dozen briefings were prepared for his administration, but Trump continued to ignore the threat from the agencies. To alert the President, intelligence agencies made sure that repeated warnings were issued before the daily press briefings that take place in the White House. The reports included crucial developments and security threats regarding the coronavirus. However, Trump's administration has ignored the warnings, which led to the worst crisis in the history of the United States. America ranks first in the total number of positive cases for coronavirus across the world.

The report by the intelligence agencies is named PDB, and it traced the spread of the virus across the globe, making it clear that China was suppressing the crucial information regarding the transmission and death toll of the virus. The report also raised probable concerns about political and economic consequences due to the virus. But the emergency alerts failed to impress President Trump, who skipped the PDB report according to the officials who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. President's mismanagement has cost a lot for the United States. As of now, the US has over 1.1 million positive cases, along with 66,000 thousand deaths. It is such a shame that a person who is holding the highest office in the world neglecting the virus, which took away the lives of thousands of Americans and their families. America needs a President who will let the health experts speak and act accordingly, causing the least damage to the citizens. We need a President who can actually do real work instead of just talking; we need Joe Biden as our next President to bring back America's glory.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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