Biden attacks Trump for his comments on Doctors treating coronavirus!!

Although we are in the last week of the elections, President Donald Trump is far from stopping the controversial comments. The new spike in the number of coronavirus cases just before the election has created an enormous headache for Trump and his campaign. No matter where ever Trump goes, he is continuously downplaying the consequences of the virus, stating his own experience. But the reality looks quite different as over 236 thousand Americans lost their lives due to the pandemic. While downplaying the virus and shifting the focus, Trump tried to blame doctors. At a rally in Michigan, Trump said - “Our doctors get more money if someone dies of Covid. So, when in doubt, they choose Covid.”

He further added, “our doctors are smart people, so what they do is say ‘I’m sorry but, you know everybody dies of Covid,’” claiming that each Covid death was worth $2000 more. However, Trump failed to provide any evidence or additional details for his claims. A day after Trump comments, the Democratic presidential nominee blasted the PresidentPresident for alleging doctors that they are working to generate additional funds with Covid-19 death statistics. During his drive-in campaign event in St. Paul, Minnesota, Biden said - “The President of the United States, who is the most powerful person on the planet, is accusing the medical profession of making up Covid deaths to generate more money. This is utterly disgraceful from the President. Doctors and nurses go to work every day to save lives. They do their jobs. Donald Trump should stop attacking them and do his job of controlling the virus and leading the nation.”

The head of the American Medical Association also condemned the attacks on healthcare officials during the global pandemic as “outrageous, malicious and comply misguided,” without mentioning Trump. The United States officially crossed 9 million confirmed coronavirus cases on the same day as Trump made his comments. It took only two weeks to mark nine million cases from 8 million as the country witnessed a new spike. Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also downplayed the death count due to the virus, which is on its way to cross 230,000. In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Trump Jr. claimed - “the number is almost nothing.” Without any doubt, the coronavirus pandemic is the defining issue of this year’s presidential election. While Trump mishandled the crisis, Biden conveyed his message with the help of his experience as the vice president. “Donald Trump waved the white flag and surrendered to this virus,” Biden concluded in Minnesota.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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