Democrat Colin Allred extends his support to Joe Biden!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is slowly emerging as the frontrunner to battle out the Presidential elections against Donald Trump. Biden is already leading in most of the states and is also the top candidate among black voters. Nine black members of Congress already endorse him. With Colin Allred extending the support, it marks his tenth endorsement from a black member of Congress, and also, this is his fifth Texas congressional delegation. For the beginners, Colin Allred is a Democratic member who is currently serving as the US Representative from Texas’s 32nd congressional district. He is a civil rights lawyer and former professional football player.

Speaking to Politico in a phone interview, Allred said - “I do think Biden has the best chance to win in November. I also think he’s the right person presently as there’s anyone better than Joe Biden, who has been through so much in his personal life. He has such a long record of public service, of trying to bring people together. This is not a normal time in American politics. We need someone like Joe Biden right now.” The districts that are represented by Colin Allred includes the northeastern corner of Dallas and many of its suburbs. Allred initially supported Julián Castro, who was the youngest member of Obama’s cabinet. Castro served as the Housing and Urban Development secretary, and he recently dropped out of the Presidential race announcing his support to Elizabeth Warren. Allred is now the second Texas congressman to support Biden.

In December, Team Biden formally announced their support of former San Antonio Mayor Phil Herberger, state Senator Jose Menendez, state Representative Rhett Bowers, Garnet Coleman, and Dallas Country Clerk John Warren. Other endorsements are from Texas Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson, Marc Veasey, and Filemon Vela. Presently, Biden has the most endorsements from Hispanic and black members of Congress and congressional Democrats.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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