President Trump's signature to be printed on COVID-19 stimulus cheques_ Report.

Although the President signed the emergency coronavirus relief package, the actual cheques are yet to be delivered to the citizens in need. While they wait for their checks to encash them into money, Donald Trump is busy delaying the process by ordering the officials to print his signature on the cheques. As per the new report by the Washington Post on Tuesday night, Donald Trump wanted his name on them before they are sent to millions of Americans who are waiting for urgent help. This decision by the US Treasury and President Trump will delay the delivery by almost seven days.

As per the unnamed senior officials at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the $1200 cheques, which are a part of a $2.3 trillion relief package will bear Trump’s name in the memo line below the line which reads “Economic Impact Payment.” It is also reportedly the first time in the history of American that any president’s signature was printed on cheques to the taxpayers. The final decision was made on Monday night, so the process will be delayed for the first batch of checks before they are mailed out. However, the Treasury Department officials contradicted that the printing process will not cause any delay, saying cheques weren’t scheduled to be sent until next week anyway. Two senior officials from the IRS department said - “The team, which is working from home, is racing against time to implement the programming change and will possibly lead to a delay in delivering the first batch of the cheques.” President Donald Trump is seeking re-election this November, which might be the possible reason for the decision.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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