Facebook decides to add labels to media houses after the backlash from Trump's posts!!

Facebook has received a lot of criticism from both insiders and outsiders after President Trump posted comments linked to the present protests happening in the country. Following the backlash, Facebook decided to reduce the role of media outlets that are backed by Russia and China on its global platform. Facebook employees were against the company for not adding warning labels to President Trump's posts related to the country's ongoing violence. Going further, Facebook said that it would add new labels to the Facebook pages of Sputnik, Russia Today, Xinhua News and People's Daily, and several others letting people know that these are state-owned media outlets.

Speaking to Politico, Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of cybersecurity policy said that more labels would be added to all the ads purchased by these media outlets on their platform. The company clarified that other government-funded media houses that run independently like the BBC are excluded from labeling. According to a review by Facebook's transparency tools, most of these media outlets have purchased ads targeting the US. To fix the issue, Facebook would also stop state-controlled media houses from Russia, China, and any other nation from buying the ads to display in the US ahead of the general elections 2020. Although Facebook didn't mention a specific date, it is expected to be implemented from the end of the summer. "If we find any of these organizations dealing with deceptive behavior, we will take them down officially. It's the right of the Americans to know who is behind the arguments they see on their newsfeed," Gleicher said.

Facebook's rival Twitter, on multiple occasions, flagged President Trump's tweets with warning labels as he was 'glorifying violence' as per the company's policies. But Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg showed no interest in doing the same on their platform. Zuckerberg repeatedly defended himself and claimed that it's not his company's responsibility to control the political speech on the platform.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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