White House staffers discussed various cases where Trump won't leave the office_ Former Pence aide!!

Last week, Trump failed to confirm whether he would pass on the power to Joe Biden peacefully if he loses the election. When questioned, Trump said - "We are going to have to see what will happen." With his statement, it is clear that Trump has a different set of plans if he doesn't win the elections. Similar information has now been confirmed by former staff of vice president Mike Pence, who recently spoke against President Donald Trump. Olivia Troye was the former White House staffer. She confirmed the news that White House staffers already discussed various scenarios on what to do if President Donald Trump doesn't accept the November elections results and refuses to cooperate with the incoming president.

Olivia has previously worked on the coronavirus task force and also served as the adviser to vice president Mike Pence on counterterrorism and homeland security. On Friday, Olivia claimed that she and other staffers of the White House held closed-door conversations about the scenario while she was a member of the coronavirus task force. She left Trump's administration in August and has been speaking in public against Trump administration's wrongdoings. Olivia's confirmation comes just after Trump declined to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he fails to win the reelection bid. On multiple occasions, President Trump joked about serving his term even after four years and accused Democratic leaders of trying to steal the election. Olivia also warned the Democrats to take the president comments seriously, even if he passes them off as jokes.

Speaking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Friday, Olivia said - "The president when he's joking, if he says that he's joking, that means he is telling you a half-truth. And in it, there is something fairly scary and frightening." She further continued, "What you see is what you get. You should trust that. He doesn't hide it." With the negative comments from Olivia to the Trump administration, the White House defended Trump by terming her an unsatisfied former employee. While the White House claimed that she was fired, Olivia said that she was not fired, but she resigned herself despite her colleagues asking her to stay. She also denied her boss Kellogg's statement, who claimed that he personally escorted her out of the office. "I'd love to see the video footage where Kellog supposedly escorted me out," Olivia Troye said.

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