Biden continues his lead over Trump in the latest Fox News poll!

Along with the coronavirus positive numbers and protests across the country, there is one more thing that’s creating a lot of headaches for President Donald Trump. Off late, Trump has been trailing his opponent and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls that get released every month. Although the margin was small, it widened to the highest level with the latest Fox News poll released on Thursday. The poll was conducted between June 13 and 16 during the nationwide protests on police brutality against the black community. During this period, Trump tried to establish himself as a law and order President who threatened to deploy the US army on the streets to control the protests.

As per the Fox News polls, 50 percent of the voters want Biden to be their President compared to 38 percent for Donald Trump. This shows a two-point increase for the former Vice President from last month’s poll. Forty-eight percent of respondents supported Biden last month compared to 40 percent for President Trump. On the issue of handling the racial protests, Trump received a whopping 61 percent disapproval rate, with only 32 percent approving. Fifty-seven percent of the voters believed that the protests were the right thing to do after the death of George Floyd in police custody compared to 35 percent of disapproval. Most of the voters didn’t want Trump to be re-elected; this is one of the driving factors for the voters to believe in Biden. Sixty-three percent supported Biden due to the fear of Trump’s re-election.

The slumping poll figures for President Trump and his campaign is an emergency reminder as the general election is just months away. Trump has also accused Fox News and CNN of altering the polls against him, CNN refused the allegations. The Fox News poll of June is conducted with a random poll of 1343 registered voters over phone calls with plus or minus 2.5 percentage points as its error margin.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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