Biden condemns the horrific killing of George Floyd in police custody!!

With the coronavirus lockdown measures, the United States was rather quiet for some time. All the events, political rallies and everything else has been confined to indoors. There have been one or two protests against the lockdown measures, but they were not the major ones. With the horrific killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who succumbed to death in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, protests and riots resumed in huge numbers in over 100 cities of the United States. Americans took streets demanding justice for black people with the signboards #BlackLivesMatter. Former Vice President Joe Biden also joined the protests by condemning the ghastly killing of Floyd and demanded a civil rights investigation by the Department of Justice.

Speaking in a virtual conversation with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Biden said - “Just like any other American, George Floyd’s life mattered. It mattered as much as mine. At least it should have.” A bystander’s video clearly showed Floyd’s arrest where a police officer kneeled on his neck and pinned him to the ground. Floyd, who was handcuffed repeatedly kept saying that he was unable to breathe and soon became motionless while the paramedics carried him on a stretcher. On the other hand, Police claimed that Floyd matched the description of a probable suspect in a forgery case at a grocery store and resisted his arrest which led to the consequences. The Democratic presumptive nominee compared Floyd’s incident to that of Eric Garner’s death in 2014. In 2014, an unarmed Eric was placed in a police chokehold in New York, and his final words were “I can’t breathe” which later resulted in protests across the nation against the brutality by the Police.

Reminding of the incident, Biden said - “Floyd’s arrest also took place similarly even echoing the same words. This incident is a tragic reminder for all of us that it is a part of an ingrained, systemic cycle of injustice that still exists in the United States.” He further added, “it discards the very sacred belief that all Americans are treated equally in both rights and dignity. It also sends a clear message that the black community and their lives in the United States are under threat every single day.” Furthermore, Biden was glad to know about the suspensions of the four police officers involved in the arrest. However, he demanded them to be fully accountable for the situation and called for a separate probe by the Justice Department. “As a great nation, we have to work tirelessly to completely eliminate these systematic failures that cause so much damage to either one family or a community in particular,” Biden concluded.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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