George Bush is unhappy with the shocking failure in treating black Americans!!

George Floyd’s horrific killing last week has led to protests and rallies in over 100 cities of the United States. People took streets sloganeering #BlackLivesMatter and demanded equal rights and dignity for the fellow Black Americans. The Trump administration used the police force to control the protests but didn’t promise any equality for black Americans even after the tragic incident. With the protests intensifying at a rapid rate, former President George Bush has called for a national examination of catastrophic failures in connection to the racial injustice caused to George Floyd. The latter was killed even though he was unarmed in Minneapolis.

The 43rd President of the United States released a statement on Tuesday which said - “The brutal suffocation of George Floyd has anguished the former first lady Laura Bush and me.” Floyd was pinned down to the ground with a knee to his neck for nearly ten minutes by a Police officer who works for the Minneapolis Police Department. In his statement, the former President claimed that “he and his wife resisted not to speak out as the timing is not certain for a lecture in the middle of a pandemic”, but the ongoing consequences have changed his decision to speak up. “The protests indicate a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young men, are threatened and harassed in their own country. The doctrine of racial discriminations which took place ages ago still threatens our nation even today,” Bush wrote in his statement.

Although the President supported the protests that are taking place across the country, he set a tone for those involved in violence and looting the private business outlets. “Looting is, and destruction of property is never progress. Justice that lasts forever can only come from peaceful protests. There’s a better way to hold the protests that is the way of empathy and shared commitment. I’m confident that together we all can choose the better way for justice,” Bush concluded.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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