Here's What Happens To Trump After his Impeachment !!!

The House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump of the Republic Party based on two charges. The first charge is an abuse of power of his office to pressure a foreign nation. The second charge is obstructing Congress from investigating his case. With 230 and 229 votes, Trump received the highest ever votes against any US President from the House of Representatives on both the charges. After his impeachment, many are confused about whether he will leave the office, or is there any other process further involved. Here’s everything you need to know about what happens next in Trump’s impeachment process:

Getting voted against in the House of Representatives alone doesn’t ensure the removal of a President in the United States. Before Trump, two US Presidents were also impeached in the lower house (The House of Representatives), but they were not removed from their office. Now the impeachment process will be sent to the upper house, the Senate, which holds the impeachment trial. Unlike the House Representatives, Trump and his supporters from the Republican party have more members in the Senate. To remove Trump from the office, the Senate needs to vote with a two-thirds majority against Trump, which is 67 votes. There are only 45 Democrats in the Senate and two independent candidates, which makes it a total of 47. So, to remove President Trump from his office, 20 Republicans need to vote against his own party member, which is highly uncertain. It is also important to note that Trump received a 100% Republican vote in the lower house. Two previous Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, who were also impeached in the lower house, were later acquitted by the Senate and continued their office. Never in the history of American politics, a President has been removed from the office through the impeachment process. Donald Trump hopes to keep this record intact.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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